Is my chat secure?

Your chat is absolutely secure, using the latest encryption technology.

Is my data stored or shared?

No data is stored or shared. The chat is absolutely anonymous


How do i share the message with another group member?

Hold the message for 1 sec and use “Forward” button to share the message to your contact in Telegram


Can one person connect to all agents?

Yes, it’s possible. However in case there is more than one person in the group we recommend that each person connects to at least one agent

What if there are less than 4 people in the group

It’s recommended that each member of the group connects at least to one agent, while some members connect to more than one agent.

What if there are more than 4 people in the group?

It’s recommended 4 group members connect each to one agent, while other members support the mission working with offline materials

Can more than one group member connect to the same agent

No. One agent can talk to one group member at the time

Can group member switch agents?

Yes. You need to press on the initial link connecting to the agent, where you will be asked to confirm it with a word “change”. After confirmation you will be connected to the agent instead of another group member.

What if phone of a group member stopped working?

Follow the instructions above to switch connection to the agent to another group member

How long does the connection last?

The connection to the secure chat will be terminated after 48 hours of inactivity in the chat.

Can i restart the mission?

Yes. It can be done only in the main (initial) chat and not in the agent’s chat. To restart the mission write “/start” in the main chat.

Can i restart chat with the single agent

No. It’s not possible to restart chat with the single agent. You can restart the whole mission follow the instructions above and restart the chat with all agents.

How do i complete the mission?

At the end of the mission Alpha will ask you the transaction confirmation code

What if i need more help

If you need more help write us to help@bh-operations.com


Our agency is neither responsible nor informed about activities performed by the project initiator using the stuff we have engaged or the technical tools we have developed. Any claim for the responsibility will be over overruled based on the federal law 22-80976-AK.

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